Before we read the book of Mark it is crucial for us to understand where this is all coming from. Don't think of us studying "The Bible", because when Mark was writing this down he wasn't writing "The Bible" he was writing down the stories that Peter, who was locked up by the Roman Emperor (ready for execution), was quickly telling him before Peter got killed.

Peter was a disciple of Jesus who were close to Him and he tells Mark here about his experience with the Living God.





Have you ever heard someone speaking of the "good" news that Jesus brought? Your mind probably immediately went to the fact that Jesus lived and died and rose again and that all your sins are forgiven.

Have you ever stopped to consider that when Jesus was preaching He only foreshadowed that news and that, that specific part of the story isn't the "good" news that Jesus talked about?

What's the "good news" then?

It was one of the first things Peter told Mark to write down that night in the cell:

The time has come!

The Kingdom of God has come near.

Repent & believe the good news!

-Mark 1:15

Jesus was saying here; forget about the time when God was far when you could only speak to Him in the temple. The Kingdom, the rule and the love of God has come near. Turn your life in the direction of Jesus and believe this good news.

Jesus came to preach a brand new version of Christianity that the Jews didn't even know yet. John the Baptist was the first to proclaim this news.


John the Baptist was the first person to preach of Jesus, the Messiah, one who would come to save the world. He hinted at a covenant that Jesus would later setup.

Throughout this series, we will uncover the covenant (promise) that Jesus brought us as well as what exactly He meant when He said: "The time has come! The Kingdom of God has come near. Repent & believe the good news!"


Mark 1:9-13
Mark 1:14-20
Mark 1:21-34
Mark 1:35-45




RECAP: WHAT IS THE new covenant?

  • We can achieve forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

  • Through baptism in water we receive the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus put a big emphasis on relationships with others and relationship with God.

  • We have authority through Jesus to drive out demons.

Peter continues his story by telling Mark about the time that Jesus healed a paralysed man. This man could not walk and at this stage so many people were following Jesus that they could not fit in one house (talk about revival!). Jesus was preaching such an irresistible version of Christianity that thousands upon thousands gathered to hear him preach.

The friends of the paralysed man obviously heard about the healings that Jesus had done and they wanted their friend to also be free of the thing that was holding him back. They were so dedicated to getting to Jesus that they carried their paralysed friend onto the roof and lowered him through the roof in order to get to Jesus.

When they reached Jesus, they just wanted one thing: for their friend to be able to walk, but Jesus had another plan in the works.

So at the meeting inside the house a bunch of Pharisees and Teachers of the Law gathered as well to hear what this new Rabbi (teacher) was teaching. They were basically checking up on Jesus and He knew it. And now Jesus does something that blew everybody's mind.

So they paralysed guy got lowered and they probably asked Jesus to heal the man and

this was Jesus's response:

"Son, your sins are forgiven."

-Mark 2:5

Nobody expected that and the crowd (I think) probably gave like a loud gasp because they were all thinking the same thing:

"He's blaspheming!"

-Mark 2:7

The paralysed was probably laying there going like: "Okay cool, that's all great, but what about my legs?"

Jesus made a clear statement that day, not only did he heal the man and recovered his legs, Jesus showed us and everybody there that He has the authority to forgive sins and this is huge...


Okay let's do some math:

If God is the only one who can forgive sins then: [Sins] + [God] = [Forgiveness]

and what Jesus is proclaiming: [Sins] + [Jesus] = [Forgiveness]

then how can we do else but make the conclusion:

[Jesus] = [God]

And this was huge, this disproves everything they thought about Jesus. He isn't an angel, He isn't just a man, He is God, He is the Son of Man.

And in those days calling yourself, "God" was quite serious, it was punishable by death according to the Jewish law.


So what can we take out of this? Not only does Jesus show us that He has compassion for all our troubles, He shows us that through mere faith and belief we can achieve forgiveness of sins through Him! (More on this later :D)


Mark 2:13-17
Mark 2:18-22
Mark 2:23-28



RECAP: WHAT IS THE new covenant?

  • We can achieve forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

  • Through baptism in water we receive the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus put a big emphasis on relationships with others and relationship with God.

  • We have authority through Jesus to drive out demons.

  • Jesus is fully God and fully Man.

  • Jesus has come to replace the old and establish a new.

  • Jesus came for the sick and not the healthy.

It's Sabbath day in ancient Galilee and Peter continues his story with the time that Jesus angered the Pharisees so much that they started to plot how to kill him.

If you open your Bible to Mark 3:1-6 you will find a section header similar to this: "Jesus Heals on the Sabbath", but actually I want to rename this section - I think we should state it like this:

"Jesus Disobeys The Law!"

Remember that the whole reason the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law wanted to kill Jesus was that He was telling them of a new covenant, a new promise and He told them that their covenant is old and outdated and that they should:

"Repent & believe the good news" -Mark 1:15

They did not want to do that... They thought (with good reason I suppose) that Jesus is "Out of His mind" (Mark 3:21) and that He blasphemed against God (remember; Jesus told them He is God).

What happened on this day?

So Jesus was preaching in a synagogue and obviously the Pharisees were there again, but this time there wasn't a paralysed man rather a man with a shrivelled hand (imagine how difficult it must be to work with a shrivelled hand!)

It was the Sabbath... You may not work, and this man was probably crying out (on the inside) for Jesus to heal him. He probably would have told Jesus afterwards something like this: "Jesus, I know it's the Sabbath, but I've got this problem so can you maybe come tomorrow and heal me?"

And I imagine it something like this:

Jesus was on stage with these masses of people listening to Him and He just stops looks over to this man and says:

"Stand up in front of everyone."

-Mark 3:3

And this guy was probably like: "Oh boy..." He didn't want to stand up in front of everyone, he probably did his best to hide his hand from everyone!

Now the Pharisees got excited and they all sort of huddled and thought: "Great we got Him here!" and Jesus turns to them and this happens:

"Are you willing to not LOVE in order to uphold the law and the prophets?"

And the Pharisees and probably the crowd went silent, you could hear a pin drop...

See Jesus was already living in His new covenant and this the Pharisees were obviously against... This was God's plan from the start: Jesus was putting into place something new, not only a new way of thinking but a new way of thinking about everything including the law! He was bringing a new law.

And Jesus heals the man... Breaking the law and look at this:

This was where his family were...


This is where Jesus was...

Look at this Mary and Jesus's family with teachers of the law all the way out of Jerusalem came up (a 6-day journey) to get Jesus because remember: "He is out of His mind"...

That's crazy... That's the new covenant


Mark 3:13-19
Mark 3:20-35
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